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  • Save up to 80% of valuable chair time using Myoaligner® unique hybrid orthotic designs

  • Save on lab costs by combining the removable and fixed orthotic solutions in one appliance using Myoaligner®

  • Give your patients a chance to test drive an optimal bite using Myoaligner® tooth colored functional Removable orthotics

  • Increase case acceptance for phase 2 restorative or ortho  by giving patients a taste of a good bite with Myoaligner®

  • Add more value to your practice by offering your patients a new product non offered by other colleagues

  • Contribute to patients' well being by offering non-invasive treatment options

  • Increase treatment acceptance using the latest advancements in technology

  • Take advantage of Myoaligner® comprehensive support website

  • As a Myoaligner® Provider, you enjoy complimentary clinical support, CE, listing on global provider locator, etc.

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